The Certificate in English Literature

A Course conducted by English Literature Sri Lanka

The Certificate in English Literature course has been thoughtfully crafted to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of English Literature, spanning from beginner to advanced levels. This programme encompasses a total of 240 notional hours, which incorporates 80 hours of direct teaching. To augment the learning experience, an additional 3600 hours of Artificial Intelligence-based teaching are seamlessly integrated. Through this meticulous combination of instructional approaches, learners can achieve a profound comprehension of the subject matter, leaving no aspect of the prescribed syllabus unexplored.

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Fathima Jaaiza Sheriff

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CEL 2023 SAAS analysis provides data visualisation that utilises a simplified approach by excluding decimal values. The purpose of this intentional rounding is to enhance the visual clarity and user friendliness of the presented data. It is important to note that while this simplification facilitates ease of interpretation, it may result in slight variations between the displayed figures and the precise numerical values with decimal precision. Therefore, the final results may not precisely reflect the original, unrounded data. Users are advised to exercise caution and acknowledge the inherent limitations of this rounding approach when interpreting the visualized data. For comprehensive analysis or situations where precise calculations are required, it is strongly recommended to refer to the raw data and perform calculations using the original numerical values.